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CHuepe Labs Inc. (Chicago IL, USA)
- Founder -

ESAM, Northwestern University (Evanston IL, USA)
- Adjunct Professor -

Northwestern Institute on Complex Systems
- External Faculty -

Beijing Normal University (Beijing, China)
- External Researcher -
Social Listening Lab, UC Chile (Santiago, Chile)
- Head Quantitative Researcher -

Complex Systems, Self-Organization, Collective Motion,
Active Matter, Swarm Robotics, Non-equilibrium Systems, 
Statistical Physics, Nonlinear Systems, Complex Networks, Emergence, Criticality in Music, Post-truth Dynamics


- BIO -

Cristián Huepe, PhD

Dr. Cristián Huepe is a theoretical physicist conducting research in complex systems, nonequilibrium physical dynamics and quantitative social sciences. His current work focuses on collective motion, active matter, complex networks, modular-hierarchical evolutionary structures, and opinion formation. His recent studies on the underlying systemic causes of the post-truth phenomenon have received widespread attention from academia, businesses and the press.

Dr. Huepe received his PhD in Physics at the École Normale Supérieure in Paris, after completing undergraduate studies in his native Chile. He was then a postdoctoral scholar in Chicago, first at the University of Chicago and later at Northwestern University. Since 2006, Dr. Huepe has worked as an unaffiliated scientist and head of CHuepe Labs Inc., developing multiple research grant projects, contracts, and collaborations around the world. He is currently an adjunct professor at ESAM Northwestern University and external faculty member at the Northwestern Institute on Complex System (NICO) in the USA, as well as an associate researcher at Beijing Normal University in China and at the SCL-Social Listening Lab (UC Chile). His work has been featured in the international press, Science Daily, Focus Online, National Geographic Germany and Wired Magazine, among others.

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